Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast — Peter Drucker

Your organization’s culture can positively or negatively affect employee motivation, individual discretionary effort or your team’s morale. As a leader it is your responsibility to create a culture where employees’ thrive and the business grows.

5th Quadrant can help you create a positive company culture resulting in greater performance, better retention, and fully engaged employees. We assist organizations in a variety of ways:

Cultural Assessment and Analysis

Culture can be defined as a pattern of shared assumptions that is considered valid enough to be taught to new members.

5th Quadrant can help your organization decipher these assumptions and determine if the culture is appropriate for the vision of the organization. We collect data about the prevailing culture in your organization through patterned interviews, focus groups, surveys, culture walks and leadership interactions. Using the data collected, we can facilitate team meetings resulting in actions for a positive culture, help define behavior and performance models to reinforce the culture.

When building a positive organizational culture, it is imperative to examine leadership roles, organizational structure, workforce composition (including skills, abilities, and motivation) and business processes.

5th Quadrant can work with business leaders help implement change through a variety of options:

  • Leadership – Determining the make-up of the Leadership and Management Teams. “The right people in the right places with the right skills” is essential to determining the vision of an organization and changing the culture.
  • Succession Planning – Assist you in developing a proactive succession planning process that ensures continuity in leadership during changing times.
  • Structure – Organizational design and restructuring – we can work with you to determine if a re-structuring is needed, including ideas for organizational charts, matrix organizations, reporting relationships, as well as role determination and job descriptions.
  • People – Talent strategy – Recruiting and retaining the right people to create the needed culture is one key to cultural change.  We work with you to ensure the organization’s talent is being developed and trained in behaviors that affect the new culture. Learn about our Talent Management services »
  • Process – Ensuring process and technology change are implemented – we understand leading and implementing process change from a human perspective. Omitting the human factors required for sustainable change is why many organizations initiatives fail.

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